Friday, February 10, 2012

I believe introductions are in order.

Hello and welcome to you all. Let me begin by introducing myself, I'm Rafael "Balangaz", a modeler from Brazil, and I've been working with plastic models for almost an year. I collect a fe 40k armies, mainly an ever-growing Tallarn Imperial Guard Army, a small Space Wolves force a respectable Tyranid Hive Fleet. I try to juggle between all three armies so I don't get too bored just painting and modeling one and when I'm tired of plastic I create some terrain pieces to relieve the spirit.

I got into Warhammer mainly because of terrains and IG tanks - I remember spending the whole night reading a 500 pages thread about tanks - and that's been my favorite thing so far in this hobby. I find it so relaxing, to create a tank, modify the original design and make it into something unique, something that will steal a couple of looks from everyone who passes by and I bet you like that too.

Since we all agree that modeling and painting Tanks are just so much fun, what I will try and do is to pass a few things I've picked up to you guys, from painting tips to conversion ideas, WIPs and finished pieces, as well as ways to cut corners on the hobby without losing any quality whatsoever.

I expect this to be at least a weekly updated blog but as many of you know, some weeks there will be much more updates while sometimes they might be sparse.

Also, I'll try to diversify things so I can keep a nice posting schedule by having some Space Wolves, both conversion and painting tips, as well as Tyranid-related posts and terrain making tutorials, this last being another great passion of mine.

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